Shutterpanda has been a household name both for us and the people around us, but we knew it was finally time to change it. It has been a channel for us to practice and experiment on photography, to meet people from different interesting backgrounds, and to explore the world around us. Because of that, we’ve grown individually and as a team.

Launching Atlas Studios along with Lunar and Trails is a way of showing that growth. We are now pursuing a lot of different things from the ones we did before, but we still carry the same passion for the work that we do. Now we’re taking on new directions and seeking more unfamiliar territories to tell the stories of people and places we encounter along the way. 

From here on, we are going to take on things bigger than what we’re used to — continuously expanding, exploring, learning, and sharing.

You’ve been with us when we started our journey as Shutterpanda, and we hope you’ll join us on our new ones as Atlas, Lunar, and Trails.

Atlas Studios is a wedding photography brand. We travel locally and internationally to capture timeless stories.

Your great ideas need great visuals. Lunar is the brand that services corporate events, food and product photography, as well as lifestyle and architectural photography.

Trails is our workshop series  that aims to go further from the technical aspects of travel and photography and make it a dynamic environment to develop one’s creative exploration in finding his or her own perspective and vision.